ISR Operations

ISR Operations

  • Airborne Surveillance, both manned and unmanned, for critical infrastructure and border security, both on land and at sea.
  • The full spectrum of Tactical Airborne Reconnaissance, from pattern-of-life development to actionable, real-time support of military operations.
  • The services required for your intelligence infrastructure such as Distributed Common Ground System (DCGS) and Forward Processing, Exploitation and Dissemination (FPED) capability; and we can provide key components of the infrastructure including Battle Captain, Collection Manager, ISR Tactical Controller (ITC), and Imagery Analysts.
Post Storm Natural Disaster Support A2G International

Post Storm/Natural Disaster Support

With the ability to rapidly deploy to smaller/general aviation or grass airfields, A2G Intl can provide the “First Look” for Emergency Management Agencies after a hurricane, tornado, or natural disaster occurs. Combined with 7+ hours of flight time, our Satellite technology allows our live video feed to be viewed anywhere in the world while also allowing first responders to communicate directly with the aircraft.

EMS Law Enforcement Support A2G International

EMS/Law Enforcement Support

With 7+ hours of endurance, multiple state-of-the-art sensors, and a crew that has thousands of hours supporting Tactical/Response Units globally, A2G International is a force multiplier that can ensure mission success and Team Member/Public Safety.

Maritime Surveillance A2G International

Maritime Surveillance

By integrating all of our Onboard Technologies, A2G Intl can scan for, track, log, and identify maritime vessels in real-time and display that data anywhere in the world. This full-spectrum capability provides or enhances national security, safety, search & rescue, and environmental protection.

Counter Poaching A2G International

Counter Poaching

A2G Intl has been working with South Africa National Parks in its fight against Rhino Poaching. In October 2021, A2G Intl was the first airborne ISR provider to successfully locate and track a poaching team deep inside a national park. Through our BLOS communications, we were able to successfully coordinate with Park Rangers to interdict the poachers while providing overwatch for the safety of the Rangers.

Air to Ground Integration A2G International

Air to Ground Integration (AGI)

A2G International’s Leadership Team are Subject Matter Experts in AGI with years of military experience. A2G Intl can provide Establishment and Control of Airland and Airdrop Zones for employment, redeployment, and resupply of ground forces. We can also provide Quick Response Air Traffic Control in support of Humanitarian Relief during Natural Disasters. A2G Intl can train, organize, equip, and support the AGI of Joint Forces from Doctrine Development to Field Operations in order to optimize Joint Air-Ground Operations (Find, Fix, Finish) and to control fixed and rotary wing terminal fires.

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